Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Highest Paying Keyword in 2017

So far in 2017 most paying keyword is "Mesothelioma Law Firm". Bids for this keyword go as high as $179!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Federal student loan consolidation Keyword

This keyword is absolute score! Reason is extremely high CPC because average USA College costs few hundreds of thousands dollars. So invest 30$ per click on internet ads isn't problem for advertisers. Federal student loan consolidation offers debt to students which they repay after graduation. Ask yourself why is this keyword expensive, I have mentioned one reason- huge money funds. Second is low number of clicks, only about 35 ads daily. It can also indicate that there aren't many Federal student loan consolidation related websites. Debtors are interested in 10-30 years terms and fixed interest rounded from 1 to 8%. Check Federal student loan consolidation stats:

Estimated average cost per click: $22.49 - $32.38
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 31 - 39

Average CPC is enormous $13.70. Building a website: as usual, make reviews and comparisons of loans. Try to be best free consolidator to visitors. More than 3 millions students are using federal loan program and purseful is about $50 billion yearly. Impressive, isn't it? Imagine how much quality
Federal student loan consolidation website can earn!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Anti spam service Keyword

Search for anti spam service and just look at all these sponsored links. There are more ads than search results! Ad has only 2-3 clicks daily, but cost per click is excellent. Services are offering spam and virus filters for websites, hosting providers etc. They charge service by user, that is usually prize 0.1 to 1 dollar per person. Let's see keyword's stats:

Estimated average cost per click: $12.91 - $16.58
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 2 - 3

Incredibility $8.06 CPC for just one click. Anti spam service is well paid keyword and also interesting website idea. Use your imagination and earn money with information that I gave to you!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Teleconferencing Keywords

Teleconferencing is a phone communication between at least three persons. Today conferencing concept is more related to videoconferencing. But we will talk about first keyword because it is almost two times more expensive. Services that offer that kind of phone calls charge few hundred dollars just for one hour! That is reason for keyword's expense:

Estimated average cost per click: $10.93 - $15.53
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 40 - 56

Teleconferencing keyword has average CPC $6.77 and only 50 clicks daily. Is it so because there is low number of advertising sites? Turn that fact in you own benefit and create a page associated to teleconferencing keyword!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life quote Keyword

"Lives, like money, are spent. What are you buying with yours?". At first look you could say life quote keywords aren't interesting topic. Look at the keyword's CPC and repeat that again... I don't know why would someone pay more than few dollars for an ad (just one visitor!) like that but it all goes in our advantage. Surely it is not mistake, Google Traffic estimator doesn't lie:

Estimated average cost per click: $13.17 - $19.72
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 192 - 253

Amazing $8.23 is given to you with just one visitor's click. Gather as much as possible life quotes and build simple website. Organize life quotes by author names, countries, religions- categorize them to attract visitors. Put keyword in heading tags to avoid low paying ads caused by content in quotes. Shoot at life quote, it surely has better prize.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Secured Keywords

People just like to be safe. Just look at the prize and variety of secured keywords. Anything can be secured: home, loan, debt, credit card, computer, email... Advertiser interest rises up everyday- keyword's CPC exceeded $20:

Estimated average cost per click: $14.71 - $22.06
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 1,142 - 1,429

Secured keyword's cost per click is $9.20 on an average. Keyphrases that include secured have more expensive cost. Secured loan has $15.51, secured debt $8.85, secured credit card $5.04, secured Visa $5.58, secured finance $6.68. Focus on one theme, site orientated on a single phrase improves position in search results. My advice is secured debt, it has only 60 clicks on ad daily. That number can also show you amount of sites related to keyword.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dedicated hosting Keyword

Make site specialized to Dedicated hosting keywords and you won't regret! Competition for dedicated hosting is extremely high- you can find more than 200 sponsored links on Google search. Tips for site content: make a large table including all dedicated hosting services and write plenty of reviews. Your keywords will attract them as sponsors and hosting ads will show up. Ad position isn't so important, just put them in right positioned bars so visitor could choose his favorite from table and click (don't link servers, use ads to link them). Here are Traffic Estimations:

Estimated average cost per click: $15.33 - $22.84
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 374 - 469

Your prize for visitor's click, half of avg. CPC is $9.58. Remember that in this case SEO is more important than ad optimization. You aren't alone in reviewing best dedicated hosting websites but even few hundreds visitors daily can bring a decent profit.
Experiment with ads! Try this technique: combination of one or two ads and Google search bar in visible space could maybe bring better earnings. Dedicated Hosting services like iWeb, HP, ServePath, XLHost are sponsoring links and they are positioned at top of search results. Also visit few dedicated hosting services sites.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Car donation Keywords

Very simple keyword, but mighty in internet marketing. Car donation sites are related to Charity and humanitarian work. Website optimized for car donation ad should promote donations and have Adsense blocks positioned in navigation bars, reason is maximum CTR. Let’s see Traffic Estimator ad stats for car donation keyword:

Estimated average cost per click: $14.17 - $20.30
Estimated worldwide clicks per day: 146 - 183

In other words, if you bring quality visitor to sponsored site, Google will pay you half of average CPC, $8.98. Try to imagine how much will you earn with just 1000 unique visits daily and 3% CTR.
How will you attract clickers? Write about car, boat, truck, Jet Ski, motorcycle donation services- use them as keywords, make a bunch reviews of sites but don’t link them- add viewable ads in navigation bars. Sponsored links related to keywords will show up there and clicks are guarantied. Find out more about car donation sites.